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French language learning podcast review

09.17.07 | admin | In podcast, French

Do you have time to listen to podcast’s and want to learn French? Here’s a quick rundown on the most popular French learning podcast and my review on them taking into account that you may only have time to listen and not read any other accompanying materials.

Learn French by Podcast

These may be the best French language learning lessons in podcast format. The format is of a conversation that is in dissected and analyzed with enough repetition to really pick a lot of it up. Each episode is around 15 minutes and the subject matter can be engaging. Of course you have the option to pick and choose which episodes you want to listen to. New ones come out every week or so though not on any schedule. They are currently up to almost 80 episodes.


I like this one a lot although I could do without the theme song that is played at the beginning and end of every episode. It gets annoying when you’re listening to success of episodes and you have to listen to the theme song twice in a row. The speakers accent may be a bit hard to understand but he does have a good habit of repeating most of what he says in both French and English. Hopefully you will understand one or the other and maybe learn some vocabulary from hearing the translation.

This one is also good and is up to almost 90 episodes. Each episode is quite long, around 45 minutes. They play a lot of music in each episode and I suppose it helps to pay the bills because you are asked to buy the music to their site at Amazon.com. This is fine if you enjoy French music and have an interest in discovering more. Music can be a way to learn a language (French techno may be an exception) depending on how well the annunciation of the lyrics is.

Daily French Pod

As the name implies this is a daily French podcast and perfect if you need something new every day, say for the morning commute. Episodes are short and to the point, often covering current events. There is some dependence on the written transcript materials, so it’s not perfect for those trying to learn solely by listening in their cars.

RFI - Journaux francais facile

I can’t recommend this enough. It’s not exactly a podcast, and it’s not in the format of lessons. It’s basically the daily news from Radio France International condensed to about 10 minutes and spoken in French using vocabulary that intermediate French language learners will find it easy to understand. It’s probably a bit slower with more careful pronunciation then you would find on a regular news program. You can also read some of the transcripts to pick up words you didn’t get.

World Languages Podcasting French Podcast

And this is a new podcast from an Australian perspective. There is no English used nor are they really even French lessons. They are basically just conversations in French about Australian culture. Intermediate knowledge of the French language is required.

Yo La La

I said above that sometimes you can learn language through the music. This is something he like and you like hip-hop, this podcast is about the French rap scene. Rather than a practical way to learn French, this is more a jumping off point for exploring French urban music.

Lingomania’s French For Beginners

I really cannot recommend this as it is only available if you pay. Otherwise you only get a short annoying commercial for each episode.

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